Innovation & Technology

Where The Market Is Headed

With the continual development of new technologies to improve world systems and computing abilities, investment and innovation in embedded technology has increased dramatically. Artificial intelligence software alone is expected to reach $126 billion USD by 2025 in the market while internet of things (IoT) revenue is forecasted to reach $754 billion in 2025.

This continual evolution of embedded technology and the expansion of the global market creates the opportunity for ambitious professionals to enter new embedded tech markets, upgrade their status in the industry, and develop lasting professional relationships among suppliers and service providers to take their embedded systems and technologies to the next level.

Industry Transformations In One Location

The Embedded Technology Convention will allow attendees to discover the latest developments and research in chip & sensor technology, embedded automotive systems, deep learning, artificial intelligence, embedded security, cloud connectivity and much more across this all-encompassing industry.

The innovation & technology showcased will provide an excellent opportunity for embedded technology professionals to interact and connect with the industry’s global leaders and suppliers to discover more cost effective ways in implementing new embedded technology, systems and solutions into their business model.

Our Keynote Speaker lineup, Masterclasses, and Investment Opportunities are just a few of the incredible features to showcase and provide educational seminars on the innovations taking place at The Embedded Technology Convention.

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Innovations on the Horizon

•Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

•Chip & Sensor Advancements

•Space Technology

•Internet of Things (IoT)

•Embedded Automotive Systems

•Deep Learning

•Artificial Intelligence (AI)

•Cloud Connectivity

•Embedded Security