19-20 January 2022

Singapore Expo

January 2022

Singapore Expo

Teksun Inc.

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Started in 2009, Teksun Inc is a Product Design & Development consulting company, supporting as an ODM & OEM for numerous B2B Applications & Use Cases. We are a team of 250+ IoT Engineers, deploying end-to-end product engineering services across the globe.

We help product companies achieve their vision partnering for end-to-end product design, development, certification and manufacturing, right from concept to market.

Teksun’s niche expertise of design and development includes:

Embedded Hardware,
Embedded Software,
Artificial Intelligence,
Product Design & Mechanical Engineering,
Cloud Engineering,
Web & IT Enabled Services,
Mobile Apps Development,
Product Certification,
Electronics Manufacturing

Deploying solutions with focused industry sectors below:

Industry 4.0
Consumer Electronics
Smart Surveillance & Security

Teksun’s global headquarters are located in San Francisco Bay Area, California with a presence across the USA, India and Europe.

Tel: +1 (415) 851-7851

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