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SQrBlock Solutions identifies and coordinates the development of blockchain-powered applications for every industry sector. We deliver comprehensive solutions from concept to implementation. Our one-stop approach includes blockchain platform selection, application design, product development, and a full range of legal services. We enable clients to confidently navigate the legal, regulatory, and compliance minefields associated with blockchain deployment.

Business Solutions

Leveraging decades of experience in agriculture, retail, manufacturing, health care, transportation, food, logistics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, technology, financial services and insurance industries, SQrBlock is here to assist your business to identify and solve problems. Additionally, SQrBlock can assist in creating new products and help grow your business through the development and implementation of blockchain solutions.

Blockchain Forensics

Our network of elite certified forensic accountants and fraud examiners draw upon their deep knowledge and experience in cryptocurrency to assist clients in blockchain analysis, tracing, and forensics. This includes litigation support, preparation of cryptocurrency forensic and expert custodial reports, tracking and recovery of stolen or lost virtual currencies, audits, and appearance as expert witnesses in state and federal proceedings.

Compliance and Due Diligence

SQrBlock can conduct corporate and technical due diligence on blockchain and virtual currency businesses, and assist in developing cutting-edge compliance protocols and standards. We assist with:

· Compliance with ever-evolving state, federal, and international laws regulating virtual currency and distributed technologies.

· Coordinating the delivery of regulatory analysis, back office preparation, and submission oversight for virtual currency money service providers and financial technology companies.

· Development of AML/KYC compliance programs

· Preparation of state and federal money service or transmitter licenses.

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