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RunTime is an engineer lead data-driven premium technical recruitment provider.

We serve clients and candidates in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, US, UK, Canada and Germany.

Our team of engineers turned recruiters and researchers ensure a deep understanding of embedded systems, software and hardware development, making the conversations frictionless and the experience enjoyable.

We ask questions about client projects, the technical problems they are trying to solve as well as a clear understanding of their team structure and company culture.

We understand job specs are wish lists, so we work with clients to define the essential skills and experience they need while assuring them that we will do our best to get them the most qualified candidates for the job at hand.

Our candidate sourcing strategies are unique, combining content marketing, social networks, job boards and our very targetted database of vetted candidates.

We move quickly to give clients a good flow of qualified candidates for their open positions.

When working with candidates, we guarantee an honest and quick response in complete confidence. We handle interviews with professionalism and speed. We help candidates through salary negotiations as well as pre-interview coaching and resume advice.

We value continuity with both candidates and clients, and our family style culture fosters engagement and commitment at all levels of our company.
Our staff retention rates are high, which means you can rely on the same RunTime contact person for years to come.

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Tel: +1 888 210 3149 (USA)

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