19-20 January 2022

Singapore Expo

January 2022

Singapore Expo

Omnitron Sensors, Inc

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Omnitron Sensors is rewriting the script on building high-performance and low-cost sensors for the world of tomorrow.
We keep hearing that software is going to eat the world and to some extent that is true. But as good as software currently is, we won’t be able to realize the future we imagine, without big steps forward in hardware.

Fundamental flaws in Sensor technology that can only be solved by going back to first principles was why we founded Omnitron Sensors. We believe that revolution comes from innovation in developing manufacturing platforms in silicon. We’re a startup company with a team of industry veterans and best-in-class technologists committed to a future of sensors. We’re out to impact every part of the sensor ecosystem, bringing Omnitron’s platform to the forefront of sensor development.

Tel: +1 (858) 220-5467

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