19-20 January 2022

Singapore Expo

January 2022

Singapore Expo

HNA Live

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HNA Live specializes in big data consultation for real estate professionals, and active manufacturing corporations. The market for digital transformation is growing exponentially with every company needing an edge.

Our data collected provides ongoing value-adding insight keenly supporting the unique reactive features congruing in real estate locations & manufacturing environments.

In 2020 quality issues caused cost overruns for 81% of surveyed companies. 91% of respondents reported an increase in investment for digital transformation, 77% of which said the increase was dramatic or significant and 95% of respondents agree that digital transformation is essential for a company’s future success.

Tech advancement is the next step for these companies.

HNA Live empowers real estate brokers & executive-level leaders within the manufacturing industry with a competitive edge - dramatically increasing productivity, decision making & cost savings.

Our team leans on our strong leadership and has begun employment expansion and partner recruitment totaling over $1 billion worth of partnered technological firms - partnering with a data collection company called Velodyne Lidar, enabling our data experts to collect all operational data in a customer's environment.

We provide customers with everything they need to understand their monetized work environment.

Tel: (302) 291-1019

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