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EES S.p.A. is an Italian company operating in the electronics sector since 1987: our activities include PCBs’ assembly for prototypes and small series, services of engineering, PCBs layout and consultancy in the designing phase. We are present in various sectors, including railways, avionics, aerospace and biomedical: in fact, EES collaborates not only with the most prominent companies in Italy, but also with research centers like CERN, IIT and University of Virginia. 

We offer a service that aims to be as rapid as possible, while always maintaining the reliability and quality we’ve been known for. Every project is customized according to the needs and requests of the customer: we follow the projects thoroughly through all the NPI steps, from designing to performance tests, if needed, we can provide materials and carry out personalized functional tests; it all depends on what is requested.

As a matter of fact, we believe constant communication with our customers and our flexibility are what differentiate us and allow us to obtain the desired results. 

All this is paired with competitive prices and highly specialized staff to provide turn-key solutions and the best service we can offer.

Since 1978 Elemaster Group is an ODM-EMS European leader in design and supply of electronic boards, complete products and system solutions for OEM Customers.

Present with its EMS facilities in all the continents (Europe, America, Africa and Asia), Elemaster covers a wide range of sectors, from Railways and Medical to Industrial, Automotive and Avionics, not to mention most recently high-tech niches such as semi-conductors testing and MEMS manufacturing.

Elemaster manages the whole life cycle of Electronics products, from development, co-development and concept feasibility to fast prototyping, from pre-serial to mass production, creating real turnkey solutions, highly engineered.

Thanks to its International Design Centers, located in North Italy (next to Milan and in Genoa) and in Germany, Elemaster does research and develops electronic application technologies in partnership with the major international chipset and components makers, proposing innovative solutions from state of the art to new architectural feasibility studies, generating in this way innovative, reliable, safe, green and cost competitive products.

Moreover, precisely because as said Elemaster Group covers all the key areas of the life cycle of Electronic products, from Electronic Design, PCB Design, Fast prototyping for electronics and for mechanical part, Test laboratories, Validation services and EMS ones -including the offering of Turnkey solutions, the company has one of the strongest International Design Center of the whole Europe, which by its capabilities and flexibility in making fast prototyping and providing Test Engineering services, allow to have a really fast and efficient R&D process, reducing time to market for new products and giving a real competitive edge to its Customers, which belong to the most important companies of the world.

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