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Singapore Expo

DET-IO Pty. Ltd.

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DET-IO Pty. Ltd. has developed the VirtEngine Protocol for the Global Industry. This technology will help advance Cloud Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. DET-IO (Dedicated Elastic Technologies, Internet Organization) Was founded in 2016 to advance the development of Decentralized Cloud Computing and provide Cloud Computing Companies with Open Source tools to help them run their business.

VirtEngine is a decentralized SuperComputer that can run across the globe and supports an infinite amount of devices, supporting Laptops/Mobiles and High Performance Servers - VirtEngine is built via various Open Source components and is a patented invention.

VirtEngine consists of an AI Identification Framework, a Decentralized Cloud Computing Marketplace, and a Decentralized SuperComputer.

VE Global Cloud Marketplace:

Phase 1 -> Deploy Current VE Blockchain Implementation
Phase 2 -> Ensure all currently offered marketplace solutions are migrated to VE Blockchain
Phase 3 -> Ensure current user interfaces can function with new decentralized marketplace solution
Phase 4 -> Ensure identity can easily be verified between providers and consumers.
Phase 5 -> Ensure VE Super Computer can be accessed from VE Blockchain
Phase 6 -> Integrate additional Cloud Services to Blockchain

VE Identity Chain:

The VE Identity Chain will be a seperate Blockchain with the main goal of verifying user identities through AI Algorithms, this will help users choose trusted providers & providers being able to verify the identity of the users purchasing cloud services from them.

The Identity Chain works by allowing users to submit proof of identity -> Such as Facial Identity, Identification Documents, Digital Identities (Facebook, Google, etc.), proof of Domain Ownership (for businesses), etc..

Any service or application in the future will be able to use this Identity Chain to verify the identity of their users, users that have a verified identity will not need to re-verify their identity across multiple services when using Digital Services.


The VE SuperComputer goal is to operate the largest network of computing power on the blockchain, allowing advancements in humanity that require incomprehensible amounts of Computational Power.

VESC Project is dependent on the Global Cloud Marketplace as it will allow an automated deployment within Data-Center facilities (OpenStack, Kubernetes, Helm, Ansible). This helps existing Cloud Computing Infrastructure providers automatically power up the VESC utilizing their spare idle computing capacity.

Edge Compute
Blockchain Computing solves the problem of Edge Computing by providing access to compute space anywhere in the globe (once the network has scaled to be completely global)



Traditional Cloud Computing relies on a Centralized Model of compute, there is a large CAPEX fund expenditure required to build and deploy Data-center Facilities for the purpose of storing and computing data. In today’s world, consumer computing devices are quite common and in high supply. Many consumer computing devices utilize an exceedingly small portion of their CPU/Memory/Storage capacity which could be repurposed to deliver Edge Computing. By repurposing common consumer computing electronics to power a Decentralized Cloud Computing cluster – users can achieve an efficient model to utilize High Volume Distributed Computing.

A Decentralized and distributed cloud computing model also provides benefits such as a shared economy, minimal latency use-cases, no single point of failure by distributing Network, Computing, and Storage services across a decentralized platform.

Applications running on a Decentralized Cloud would be able to run across many replicas utilizing Open-Source Container technology such as Kubernetes for replication, network, and data management.

A large range of devices would be compatible to operate the network:
The base of the network would rely on High Performance Servers. Which would be used for performance sensitive applications and core services running the decentralized platform.

Consumer Grade Devices: Computers, Laptops, Mobile Devices would be used to operate the edge of the network, this would facilitate the deployment of services that require extremely low latency – or general computing requirements.


Processing Power is a unit that can be identified as a valuable asset, Humanity's productivity can be directly measured by the combined total computing process power available in the world. Computing can solve millions of problems, by offloading computing to the blockchain we create a decentralized network of computing power that will become larger than any existing Cloud Computing network.

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