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crossPORT Ai eliminates everything that slows down your data. 

Our BRIDGESWITCH™ IP delivers: 

• Insanely Low Latency 
• Ultra-scalable Bandwidth Data Switching 

• Negligible power requirements
…………………..Without the expected Complexities and Costs. 



Applying our patented method of data switching transfer addresses key challenges in the semiconductor and data transfer markets industry-wide; and marks the most significant change to technology design in over 70 years. Reducing design time and simplifying verification through asynchronous computing, crossPORT reduces the most critical technology challenges today and eliminates data bottlenecks and costs. 


Enabled by a small software app for data routing, authentication, and transfer, crossPORT’s BRIDGESWITCH™ data technology has been shown to revolutionize data exchange. Our solutions have been proven to deliver:

• Data transfer latency at 2 clock cycles 
• Air-Gap Data Security
• Limitless Scalability
• Persistent connections for mission-critical data transfers

• Multi-medium support for wire, wireless & optical integrations

• Multi-protocol bridging between new and legacy data streams

• Combined Data & Power delivery 

• Ultra-Low power efficiencies



In addition to our ultra-low power switching and efficient power delivery, crossPORT introduces advances in responsible Green Computing. Our patented software/hardware mix delivers post-purchase function upgrades for hardware reusability and extensibility – deferring e-waste for years. Implementations profit from rapid go-to-market and subscription-based enhancements for scalable revenue streams.


USB SWITCHING Demonstration to rival INFINIBAND

Come see how our designs transform off-the-shelf USB controllers into a Data Switch that rival the performance of InfiniBand networks.


crossPORT actively seeks licensing and partnerships with Leading Innovators in the Embedded Computing community to connect the future of data exchange.



Based out of Toronto Canada, crossPORT Ai was launched by a co-inventor of technology designed to enable higher-speed USB bridge cables for Microsoft. Today crossPORT realizes the potential to redesign EDGE data transfers that are faster, simpler, lower energy, lower cost, and intrinsically secure. With over a hundred of years in semiconductor, hardware, and IT Management industries, crossPORT’s team includes Semiconductor PhDs., US court-recognized recognized authorities on high-speed communications and ASIC Design experts. 

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