28-29 September 2022

Singapore Expo

September 2022

Singapore Expo


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Credolab’s embedded scoring technology modernises businesses’ approach to assessing credit risk using smartphone and web-behavioural data. This use of a highly orthogonal source of alternative source of data, meaning a source that has a very low correlation to more conventional sources of data, credolab’s solution amplifies the overall predictiveness of an entire population’s portfolio and not just new-to-credit customers by adding a new and more holistic dimension to the underwriting process. Simply put, our technology gives lenders the power to say YES more confidently.

We deliver this power through our host of easy to integrate, plug-and-play solutions that give decision-makers all the information they need in real-time.


Our easy to integrate APIs make it easy for businesses and their underwriting team to gain superior insights with zero hassle and immediate results. Our SDK seamlessly and instantly embeds our scoring algorithm into their existing Android and iOS mobile apps so they can start evaluating applicants with a fresh approach to risk.


CredoApply is our customer onboarding app that helps manage all onboarding process steps user-friendly and intuitive. It guides customers through the application, the KYC requirement completion, anti-fraud checks, and real-time credit scoring in a smooth, simple digital and gamified onboarding experience. As a result, CredoApply speeds up each step of the loan process from selecting, applying for, to getting the desired loan product to minutes instead of days.


Credolab understands that some lenders open loan applications on their websites instead of apps. Hence, CredoWeb helps lenders assess the customers’ behaviour while applying for credit on their website. From analysing their typing behaviour to screening whether their device has ever been flagged for loan fraud, CredoWeb provides accurate behavioural insight and automated fraud checks.

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