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January 2022

Singapore Expo

CognitionBI LLC

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We are a team of highly qualified professionals specialized in data processing for the generation of information with added value for decision making.
With more than 30 years of combined experience, our fields of expertise include different areas of engineering and science. Our pillars are optical communications, satellite communications, microelectronics, signal processing, image processing, internet of things, automatic control, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
All of these skills are available to our customers on technology platforms such as ASIC, FPGA, Microprocessors and GPUs in the cloud or on local servers.

AI and Data Science
We automatically process raw data from the web or system logs with machine learning algorithms for detection and prediction of events and states; report generation; metrics; alarms and trends.

Microelectronics and DSP
Design and description of IP core for high speed, low power and fault tolerant digital systems. Functional verification, post synthesis verification and post implementation. Design for verification and production. Development and implementation for VLSI, FPGA or Microprocessors

Modeling and Simulation
Modeling and analysis of circuits and embedded systems for control and processing. Development of system simulation tools, high performance processing, CPU, GPU, FPGA in the loop.

Digital Communications and Signal Processing
Design, modeling, simulation and implementation of digital signal processors for communications. Design of processing architectures for high speed (multi Gb/s), low power and fault tolerance. Digital equalization for electronic distortion compensation. Development of error correction codes and bit, frame and carrier synchronization algorithms.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Projecting, modeling and commissioning of network devices on different technologies (LoRa WAN, SigFox, NBIoT, WiFi and BLE). Cable, wireless, electrical, electronic, acoustic and mechanical sensors. Telemetry and measurement for asset custody, control of machinery, plants and energy measurement. Development of visualization environments, GIS, alarm generation and trend analysis.

Training and Technical Advice
We provide technical advice and make design projections. At the same time, we offer a wide variety of training and technical assistance activities with fast and extended modalities in the different areas we develop.

Tel: +1(408) 431-7174

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