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What sets Cloud Lion apart is our deep expertise of training and change management as such. Both of the company's founders are academics at heart.

Fabrice holds a Master's in Education and Sebastien is a PhD, with Post-Doctorate instructional experience.

We love technology, but we love people even more - our goal is our clients' successful adoption of new technology. In our eyes, this can only be done when knowledge transfer happens properly.

We strive for our clients to become independent of us, or any other partner for that matter.

On an implementation note, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by our deep understanding of Google's tools, and the sophisticated integrations we can accomplish in our clients. We do not pretend to be experts of every Zoho tool, but our global vision and network permits us to have access to the best resources available, in order to orchestrate them into elegant solutions for anything our clients may need.

Most importantly we have two rules:

• Never selling our clients something they do not need.
• Never promising something we cannot deliver.

Cloud Lion is fluent in French, English and Spanish, we currently serve clients in all three languages.

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