19-20 January 2022

Singapore Expo

January 2022

Singapore Expo

Meteca SA

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Meteca is a Swiss company specialised in design, production and worldwide distribution of electronic boards and wireless System-On-Modules dedicated to both IoT and IIoT markets, created for industry and perfect also for makers. Meteca is at the service of production companies and all companies that want to innovate, providing its customers with real support and concrete tools for the creation of innovative products that fully exploit all the potential of the Internet of Things.

Corporate digitalization is not achieved solely through words or good intentions and it is for this reason that Meteca’s first project was the development of its own electronic board in the form of a small, versatile and extremely powerful module: Briki MBC. It is exceptional not only in terms of performance but also in the support offered in the design, prototyping and certification of the products to be marketed. Here is the added value that Meteca can bring: experience and the ability to adapt to customers’ needs. Meteca, with the Briki® brand, aims to provide the technology that will make the transition from the idea and prototype of an object to the industrial production phase easier, cheaper and more streamlined. All this means a saving of time and money, and it is Meteca’s most important promise.

Briki MBC is the first IoT module with Liquid Solution. It’s a pre-certified module with industrial characteristics (directly machine-weldable) and compatible with the tools and language of the world of Makers, and thus it allows R&D departments to speed up the transition from prototype to product, based on past projects, code flexiblity and simple utilisation. The MBC is characterized by a standardized form factor and pinout in each module of the Briki Family; small and perfect for projects where space is a critical factor, its dual-processor architecture makes it flexible and powerful, allowing it to simultaneously manage controls, processing and communications (including wireless). All this equipped with more dedicated security features.

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