28-29 September 2022

Singapore Expo

September 2022

Singapore Expo


Prysm Media Group have been organising leading B2B trade exhibitions for over twenty years, and are responsible for a portfolio of over 30 shows across the world, covering a whole range of topics and industries with internationally recognised events in leisure and tourism, hospitality, online retail and marketing.

Receiving significant investment to evolve year-on-year, our well-run and well-attended exhibitions range from the award winning Farm Business Innovation Show - which attracts 18,000 rural entrepreneurs - to sector specific events such as Helitech World, Takeaway and Restaurant Innovation and the Natural Disasters Expo!

In 2019 alone we have opened new offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany, are branching into two new offices in the UK, and added 10 more events to our global portfolio. Prysm has a reputation for producing well run, well attended events that receive significant investment to ensure they constantly evolve and improve. The success of our events is built on an ethos of delivering outstanding educational content that attracts highly targeted audiences and offers an engaging visitor experience. This is achieved through the hard work, dedication and passions of our versatile and growing team.